A Day in the Life of An Introvert

As the wise sage, Tina Belcher once said: "I'm no hero. I put my bra on one boob at a time." Well, I can say that even though you are clearly enamored by the introvert lifestyle, that I'm no hero myself. In fact on a daily basis, I find myself to be quite the opposite.... Continue Reading →


The Crooked Smiles

Sadness grips my jeans Its face is long and sallow It grows old with me   A young boy, playing in the yard. His yard is his kingdom. The trees are his knights. His father, the evil king. He has a sword made of an old paper towel roll and a shield that resembles a... Continue Reading →

Holes in Fences

*My brother committed suicide this September. This is a poem written I wrote from his point of view, or how I feel like he would have felt when he was alive.   I used to be a fence With bright paint and sturdy wood. But what good is a fence if there is no one... Continue Reading →

Are Siblings Allowed to Grieve?

One night, Edward Meiers was running late to pick up his little brother Vinnie from school. As he was on his way, he came across a police barricade. Right where his little brother said he would be. Meiers was told by the police to leave the scene, and Meiers drove away knowing that his brother... Continue Reading →


“What are we going to do about Imogen?” “I don’t know. She just won’t let her go.” “Should we send her to an institution?” “An institution? Ian, she’s only thirteen. Could you imagine the amount of medicines they will poison her body with? Absolutely not. I think some vinyasa would do her some good.” Ian... Continue Reading →

VR vs Reality

Virtual reality used to sound like a dream, and now we are in the beginning stages of it becoming, excuse the pun, reality. According to The Motley Fool, there may be $143 billion spent on VR alone in 2020. Even if there is a low adoption rate, there will be almost a $6 billion impact... Continue Reading →

The Newsroom’s Metric System

Newspapers are struggling to keep up in the digital world. According to the Pew Research Center, newsroom employment has decreased by almost 40% since 2004. In order to keep up with the times, newspapers have turned to the world wide web. Websites and social media can offer something that a paper cannot: Analytics. Traditional newspapers... Continue Reading →

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